Replica Longines Watch

Longines celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2012. One of the oldest Swiss watch-making companies, Longines has been based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland since 1832. The company has enjoyed a particularly prolific and accomplished history, earning 10 Grand Prix for horology and reaching their 30 millionth watch produced in 2001. Perhaps no other company has benefited from so many partnerships with world sports federations, having produced clocks and watches for Yankee and Shea Stadium, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Concours Hippique International, Formula One Racing, the French Open, the Kremlin Cup, the Japan Open Tennis Championships and the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Meet, amongst others. In addition, Longines has acted as the official supplier for the International Aeronautics Federation since 1919, an affiliation which has included building a watch to Charles Lindbergh’s specifications in 1927, which accompanied him on his crossing of the North Atlantic. Replica Longines watches are best known for their classic elegance and technical impeccability, and are sold in 130 countries around the world.

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