Rainbow maturity with personalized watch brands

Rainbow brand from the establishment still insist on family management, niche marketing, stemming from the brand for their own cultural persistence. The entire watch market is very large, we just want to find a fit with the brand concept of the consumer. Rainbow table, Chief Executive OliverEbstein said.
Rainbow tables in the past two years, not only perfected the dial design, establisheda set of core Assembly, dial Ki routers and enamel painting on display show and finished as one of the Home Gallery. On the publicity and promotion, also formed intoone of watch tells a story, with a view to arouse more resonates in the culture and lifestyle of consumers. Also, Pleo has in recent years stepped up efforts on the development of the movement, completely homegrown movement accounted for more than one-third, references in addition to the base functionality of the movement,with the function of complex works all brands change again.
Rainbow tables in the development of the Chinese market are slightly conservative,which Oliver said: from the familyrun tradition, we will select the forms of cooperation with other family businesses to expand their markets. Meanwhile, there will bea brand‘s long-term plans, market development will follow the plan, do not make too many adjustments based on a market.